5 Tips for Working at Home

Working from home can be a blessing. You get an extra hour in bed because you don’t need to commute but distractions within your home or apartment can make it difficult.contemporary-home-office Even as a self motivated individual it’s hard to avoid them all the time. I’ve worked from home on and off so I want to share my 5 tips that make working from home awe-inspiring.


Get Up and Dressed

Stick to a morning routine as you would for a day in the office. Working in your PJs may be comfy but does not encourage you to get into the right mindset for a days work. A smart casual approach is the best option.


Have a Workspace

Have a dedicated workspace. It doesn’t matter if it’s a desk in the corner of your kitchen or a bedroom turned office space, it’s a must. It allows you create a productive environment with fewer distractions. Make it a workable but comfortable habitat and search the internet for some cool ideas. To get a head start check this site out: Houzz


Make a Weekly Schedule

Schedules are important because it stops interference and gives you daily/weekly goals. Please note, make your schedule realistic. Just because you’re working from home does not mean your going to get more done! You are in control of your schedule so don’t leave all the unwanted tasks until the end of the week. Spread them about and remember be realistic.


Stay Social

In my opinion is the most important tip. You need face-to-face time in your schedule. This might be a business meeting or just catching up with a friend over lunch. One of the advantages from working at home is now and again you can give yourself an extra half hour for lunch to meet a friend. Try and do this once every week but no more.


Take a Break

Take a walk around the block, run errands or do something unrelated to your work. Personally I head to the gym for 45 min each day. It breaks the day up nicely and keeps me motivated. Don’t be too hard on yourself breaks are important. As I don’t commute I do an extra half hour in the morning which gives me the extra gym time.

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