Top Online Initiatives for Hotels

Best Practices & Recommendations for Top Initiatives Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) - More than one-third of hotel website revenue is generated as a result of organic search engine referrals. This is a proactive SEO strategy important. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - SEM includes all of the paid advertising formats on the search engines, from paid... Continue Reading →

Hotel Industry Trends in 2018

Quick Guide to Key Factors Throughout 2018 Reaching consumers across devices is essential for when the ‘book it’ moment occurs. Booking a hotel is never a one-way street and reaching potential guests across their travel planning journey requires a multichannel marketing approach that offers a greater user experience on whatever device they choose to use.... Continue Reading →

Social Media Explained

I came across this on Twitter last month. It sums up Social Media Content beautifully. The last one is my favourite! Twitter - I'm eating a #donut Facebook - I like donuts Foursquare - This is where I eat donuts Instagram -  Here's a vintage photo of my donut Youtube - Here I am eating... Continue Reading →

Guide to LinkedIn Groups in 2 Min 30 Sec

This Blog explains how and why you should setup a LinkedIn Group. The headings are:   Why Start a LinkedIn Group Example of Successful LinkedIn Groups An Example on How to Promote a LinkedIn Account   1) Why Start a LinkedIn Group   Build more awareness of your brand/company/service Position brand/company/service as an Industry thought... Continue Reading →

5 Tips for Working at Home

Working from home can be a blessing. You get an extra hour in bed because you don’t need to commute but distractions within your home or apartment can make it difficult. Even as a self motivated individual it’s hard to avoid them all the time. I’ve worked from home on and off so I want... Continue Reading →

Is Hamilton the new Schumacher?

From the start of 2013 F1 Season Lewis Hamilton became a driver for the Mercedes AMG F1 Team. It was a shock to many as Hamilton stated on a number of occasions that he would never leave the McLaren F1 Team. Hamilton was part of McLarens Driver Development Program and started his career with the F1... Continue Reading →

Arab Supercars (RRR)

If you spent a lot of time in London, Paris or Monaco during the summer months you might see exotic cars such as Bugatti’s, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Range Rover’s, etc. In London the local Knightsbridge residents have dubbed the summer season, ‘Arab Supercar Season’. During the summer months London, Paris and Monaco see a huge rise... Continue Reading →

TapouT – Life after Mask – Part Two

After the death of Lewis the company was acquired by The Authentic Brands Group (ABG) but the terms of the deal were not disclosed except that Caldwell and Katz remained involved. So who are The Authentic Brands Group? Well they’re basically a brand development and licensing company. They have global brand building experience in apparel, action... Continue Reading →

TapouT – The Early Years – Part One

TapouT Clothing has dominated the market of mixed martial arts (MMA) since 1997. They produce clothing and miscellaneous gear targeted at MMA fans. Charles Lewis known as the “Mask” and Dan Caldwell also known as “Punkass” were the original founders of the company, with Tim “Skyskrape” Katz joining the team soon after. Originally selling t-shirts... Continue Reading →

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